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How to buy a house in today’s competitive market.

How to buy a house in today’s competitive market.

What is the deal with the housing market in Los Angeles today? In a nutshell, the trend I am seeing is prices are rising quickly due to low interest rates and more demand than supply. There are very few homes on the market when compared to the number of very well-qualified people who want to buy. In order to have any hope of buying a home in Silver Lake, Echo Park, Highland Park, Los Feliz, Pasadena, or any of the other hot neighborhoods in Los Angeles County, you have to do some homework and be prepared to act quickly and decisively. Here are the five easy steps to buying a house in Los Angeles today: Continue reading

Luxury homes for sale in Silver Lake

Luxury Homes For Sale in Silver Lake

There are still a few homes on the market in Silver Lake that were listed in 2012, but not many! Most homes in the Silver Lake area disappeared from the market fast this year, so buyers needed to be quick and aggressive if they were serious about buying. Here are three luxury homes in Silver Lake with asking prices over $1 million on the market today… Continue reading