Elysian Valley

Elysian Valley Single-Family Homes

Elysian Valley, also known as Frogtown, is considered by many to be among the most undervalued neighborhoods in the City of Los Angeles. A very bright future lies ahead for Elysian Valley with its prime location along the Northeast L.A. Riverfront adjacent to Silver Lake, Atwater Village and Echo Park.

Average Price per Square Ft.

Elysian Valley is home to some of the best prime waterfront real estate in the City of Los Angeles. The soft-bottomed Glendale Narrows portion of the LA River houses the Elysian Valley River Recreation Zone and runs right through Frogtown. Current development activity at the former Hostess Bakery site on Ripple at Gilroy and the soon-to-open Salazar restaurant on Fletcher at Ripple will raise the neighborhood’s profile and expose more people to Frogtown’s awesome collision of residential and industrial activity.

Frogtown Real Estate

Real estate market data for Elysian Valley includes areas known today or in the past as Frogtown, River House, Gopher Flats, Little River Valley and portions of the Los Angeles River Overlay Zone. Zip codes 90031 and 90039


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