Almost Pasadena

262 South Berkeley Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91107

3 bedrooms
2 baths
1,760 square ft.
6,686 square ft. lot

Almost Pasadena. File this one under strange but true. Almost Pasadena is a place in Pasadena and not in Pasadena at the same time. A place where some people live within the Pasadena city limits, some don’t live in any city at all, and some can leave the city of Pasadena without leaving the house.

It is not a secret, it is a mystery. The mysterious homes in Pasadena’s Caltech neighborhood that actually sit in unincorporated Los Angeles county. Disconnected from any municipality, recently-connected to a modern sewer system, homes in San Pasqual, Caltech, East Pasadena and Chapman Woods are actually outside city limits and in unincorporated Los Angeles county. From outward appearances you would never know, the line is invisible and there are no signs to indicate entry into or departure from Pasadena. Everything looks the same on the surface: kids go to school in the Pasadena school district and the post office delivers to Pasadena street addresses. Unless it affects you it doesn’t affect you. It is what it is.

Unincorporated Pasadena

Why haven’t the homes in unincorporated areas of Pasadena been annexed into the city? A majority of residents like things just the way they area. Another layer of government adds more negatives than positives, the consensus has always been “no” at election time when those in county areas were given a choice to join a city or remain independent. Independence from city government may be exactly the right choice in In today’s world, the benefits of being part of a city are not as prescient. Back in the day, if you weren’t in a city, you might not be connected to a sewer system or have water piped into your home. Bummer! Those problems have been solved, a few generations of plumbers deserve our thanks. What are the negatives? A good place to start the educational journey is the Los Angeles Is 88 Cities, Many of Them Corrupt article published in The Atlantic a few years ago.

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