Monthly Archives: March 2012

Batchelder Fireplaces in Pasadena

I’ll never forget the day I found out my home had a Batchelder fireplace. Many years ago I was in a tile store in Pasadena and saw something that looked very familiar. I asked the salesperson, “what is that tile?” She said “it’s a Batchelder reproduction.” I said “I have that same tile on my fireplace.” Her eyes got huge and she exclaimed “you have a Batchelder fireplace?” I said “I do now.” Who knew?

Anyway, enough about me. This week I had the unexpected pleasure of viewing two homes for sale in Pasadena with exquisite Batchelder fireplaces.

East Mountain Street Pasadena

The first of these homes, located in the North Pasadena Heights Landmark District, features not one but two Batchelder fireplaces! Continue reading

Stair Street Homes For Sale!

There are currently 2 stair street homes on the market in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles that are definitely worth the hike up the steps.

Cove Ave Stair Street Home

Well, you won’t be hiking much to reach this Cove Avenue California bungalow, unless you’re coming from the other side of the hill. Located at the base of the Cove Avenue steps, this 3 bedroom, 1 3/4 bath home comes with a relatively unique feature for a stair street home in Los Angeles – parking! Continue reading